We are unique among product design firms in that we are also able to coordinate the  manufacturing and importing of your finished product design.

Bess and kawhi design are sister companies and we are made up of a common team  of engineers and technicians.

Most entrepreneurs are not familiar with the professional Bring to Production process.  They think that what is seen on the computer design screen can turn into a final working  product easily. 

The process requires a professional team to gather all project aspects and lead it towards  a final working product in the most professional way possible. 

We take production files and propel them into a final working product. This process is  long and incorporates many milestones such as: DFM, discussions, the establishment of  production lines, integration and till we reach your final and perfect working product.

We are based in the manufacturing industry in the Chinese market and provide product  assistance to global companies. Our engineers have deep project experience in products  such as plastics, hardware, wood and fabrics. They are very familiar with the process and  material properties of the product. At the same ti-me, our company has an excellent  quality control team to carry out precise quality control of the products.

We work closely with our customers to develop innovative ideas and designs for their  markets. We possess broad experience to handle entire development cycle from  conceptual design to components/materials selection, BOM preparation, and lead  progress from prototyping through to mass production. We have a track record of  turning a variety of conceptual designs into medical, commercial and industrial products.

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