• Where is BESS registered?

    BESS has a registered office in Guangzhou, the main office is registered and based in Guangzhou, China and our manufacturing

    facility is based and registered in Shengzhen, China. Our excellent suppliers are located in different cities in China,

    such as Shenzhen, Dongguan and Guangzhou. They focus on their own good industries, such as silk printing, powder coating,  

    spraying oil, water transfer sticker, ect.KAWHI is a sister company of BESS.

  • What if I am not happy?

    If the parts reach you and for whatever reason you are not satisfied you should notify BESS within 7 days of receiving the parts and

    we will replace or rework for free.

  • How long to get a quote?

    We aim to quote all prototype projects within 24 hours. All rapid tooling projects within 72 hours. All injection molding.

    There are sometimes processes and materials which BESS does not offer in house; these could add time to the

    quotation and will be highlighted as and when.

  • How do you manage quality?

    Stage 1: Full DFM at time of quotation by highly experienced engineers. They will highlight any problem areas or make suggestions for changes.  

    Stage 2: Incoming inspection of materials with our own PIM Spectrometer.

    Stage 3: During master production, we will check and measure the products evey hour to ensure which is same as the original approved sample,  

                  to ensure the whole batch products are with same standard.

    Stage 4: AQL standards inspection and report before shipping.

  • What are BESS's shipping terms?

    All projects are EXW unless otherwise stated. This means the quote includes all freight and charges to a port of your choice.  

    Any and all import and other taxes in your country are your own responsibility. If you require different shipping terms

    these can be negotiated on a case by case basis.

  • What tolerances can you achieve?

    BESS generally work to ISO 2768-1 (F for machined metal, M for machined plastic, C for vacuum casting).  

    We can sometime hit tighter tolerances, but this depends on the part geometry and material.

    If you require tighter tolerances than the ISO standard stated above these must be stated and negotiated at the time of quotation.

  • Which is best for your project, 2D or 3D?

    Both! We strongly recommend including both 3D and 2D drawing files on every project. This gives the most complete picture of the total part,  

    which is helpful for generating an accurate quotation. The more information we have from your side the faster and more efficiently

    we can get to work making your prototype or low-volume production part.

    As always, once you're happy with our quote and ready to get started, we'll do a design for manufacturing review to double check that  

    your product has been designed for the best outcome. When required, our engineers might give you feedback to ensure that  

    your design is optimized for manufacturing.

  • What is BESS's business registration number?

    China: 440110004547768

  • What about credit and payment terms?

    1. All new BUYER for molding shall pre-pay 100% up front, payment shall be made upon issuance of a purchase order by the BUYER, unless otherwise agreed upon.

    2. For tooling project, terms for payment will be 50% deposit due at project start. Balance to be paid upon approval of tooling sample, sample confirmation will be assumed as the acceptance of the tools by the BUYER, the ownership of the tools will be transferred to the BUYER once BESS get paid fully.   For the convenience of part production, the BUYER agrees to place the tools with BESS and this shall not affect the BUYER'S responsibility to pay for the tools.

    3. The quantity of sample supplied for tooling confirmation is based on the actual situation and can varied from 3pcs to 10pcs or such other quantities as agreed by both parties.

    4. If no feedback regarding to quality or other technical issues related to the tools manufactured received within 14 days after latest sample shipment,   or the BUYER gives instruction for proceeding manufacturing of molding, it would assumed as sample has been approved and the tool is accepted by the BUYER, and the balance 50% is deemed as payment due.

    5. 50% deposit to be received within 5 days of kick-off date or project will be placed on hold without notice. BUYER is required to pay in full of all delinquent invoices prior to shipment of any sample or finished goods.

  • How can I pay?

    We accept payment via bank transfer to China.(T/T)

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